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The intelligent IoT Platform built for Industry 4.0
iLens is a one-stop solution for all your IoT requirements, from Edge Computing, Predictive Maintenance, Anomaly Detection and Video Analytics, to Smart Device Management and Connectivity.
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iLens (Intelligent Lens)

iLens provides a single platform for smart integration with various devices/sensors in large enterprises, manufacturing industry, home, commercial properties etc.

iLens provides an MQTT interface for seamless integration of various sensor devices in the field to capture time series data in real time. Based on pre-configured rules, iLens is able to generate alerts, alarms based on the rules.

iLens uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to co-relate events arriving from various sources to find patterns in the data and provide intelligent insights.

iLens provides automated device discovery, over the air updates and upgrades, live device monitoring, data logging and security. With its ability to drag and drop GUI to build various rules and alerts iLens simplifies managing and orchestrating IoT devices.