Indoor Air Quality Sensors

Data Diode

iLens Data Diode

  • Data Diodes are used to allow secure networks to receive data from open or general purpose networks.
  • Unidirectional transfer of data over fiber cable or copper cable between two networks with hardware separation to guarantee security.
  • This completely eliminates the risk of data flowing in the wrong direction.
Application Areas:
  • Secure File Transfer
  • Remote Plant Monitoring
  • Remote PLC-HMI Monitoring
  • Secure Transmission from OT-IT Network
  • IP Camera Connectivity to PCB
Indoor Air Quality Sensors
Power Supply 9 - 36v DC
Data Speed 10 Mbps
Connectivity Port 2 - Gigabit LAN
2 - 10M LAN
4 - USB4MB SPI Flash
Mount Type Plate Mount
Rack Mount
DIN Rail Mount
Storage 16GB