Unified Plant Monitoring - Real Time Web SCADA and Alerts powered by iLens

The Challenge:
  • Inability to securely monitor SCADA system from anywhere

    Cement plants have Process Lines with PLC or DCS. They need to capture process insights and provide a system for real-time monitoring. However, most plants don’t have a unified data portal for monitoring.

  • No real-time alerts

    Cement plants also need to generate alerts to users, and provide real-time monitoring of parameters through a mobile app.

The iLens Advantage:
  • Online Centralized SCADA Solution to monitor production systems in real-time
  • Real-time Equipment Monitoring
  • Advanced Analytics and Predictive Maintenance to reduce downtime
  • Identify operational anomalies through real-time alert system

How it works?

The iLens Gateway Device facilitates the acquisition of data from the PLC. Following this, the data is sent to the iLens central server for real-time data monitoring and the generation of alerts. With iLens' unique SCADA feature, the live parameter data is read from the plant’s PLCs. These SCADA screens are available on the mobile app.

Parameters can be configured in iLens to generate alerts when an equipment’s threshold is reached, or its process function deviates. The iLens solution thereby facilitates the configuration of parameters to define the operating range, threshold alerts, and parameter correlations.

  • Remote monitoring of system health
  • Build predictive models and time series using in-built tools
  • Use iLens predictions about equipment health to plan and schedule proactive maintenance and achieve cost benefits