Customer Success Story: Indian Solar PV EPC Company

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Indian Solar PV EPC Company

We developed & implemented an intelligent platform for achieving better management of demand forecasts and increased longevity of solar panels, improving the overall efficiency of power generation on our client’s solar farm.

Client Introduction

Our client is one of the largest Solar EPC providers in India. They required a unified IoT platform for smart monitoring their power generation performance, and predicting system failures or disruption.

Solution Overview

  • Developed and implemented a solution to monitor Live Power generation performance connecting various monitoring devices to capture X-Y panel inclination, energy produced, day temperature and climate condition.
  • The iLens platform also provided an interface to connect to the sensor nodes and solar panels to retrieve energy data, perform real-time monitoring and calculate the solar panels’ power efficiency.
  • iLens’ dashboard view of the solar panels showed real-time data of energy generated, which was refreshed every second with the latest updates. This helped in the calculation of total energy generated per day, the performance of each solar panel, and the prediction of the next cleaning cycle as part of preventative maintenance.


  • Centralized real-time platform for operators to monitor, analyze and predict the performance of the entire solar farm.
  • The platform has helped our client to calculate and predict Energy Production Efficiency and manage power generation of the entire solar farm, achieving better management of demand forecasts.
  • The predictive maintenance schedule has helped in keeping the solar panels across the farm clean, and in turn helped to increase their longevity.